After the yeladim decorated their two sides of their snow white Mitten they sewed the two sides together using white yarn and a plastic needle. Morah Lilli punched holes all around the perimeter of the mitten using a hole puncher. The yeladim took the needle and went up and down and up and down. They really did such a great job!

Once the Mitten was ready it was time to decorate all the animals from the book. The mole and the rabbit were first. Brown fur was placed on the mole and white cotton balls were glued onto the rabbit. We have real pictures of the animals hanging in the classroom so the yeladim know how to decorate all the animals.

Onto the Hedgehog and the Owl. The Hedgehog is very prickly so they glued on little pipe cleaner sticks. The Owl has many feathers and very big eyes!

Since there is so much snow on the ground there was a special table in the kitah to scoop up “snowballs”. Small styrofoam balls were put in a very large plastic container. The yeladim had different utensils to scoop the “snowballs” up and put them into smaller containers. They really enjoyed this special activity!

Speaking of snow we learned a snowflake song and we pretended to be snowflakes! We even danced like snowflakes!

We took a small trip outside to see all the snow piled high in the parking lot. The yeladim scooped up the  snow with their shovels and trowels. Other yeladim had fun spraying the snow with different color of water spray. Enjoy the pictures that we took!

Once we collected the snow we brought it into the kitah. We asked the yeladim what they thought would happen to the snow? They thought about it and said “it would become water”. We asked “why?” They thought about it again and said “because it will melt.” We asked again “why?” They said “because the inside is warm!” That is exactly what happened. The yeladim put the snow on the table in the Exploration Room and all the snow started to melt! Our hands were cold but we had so much fun!

After our snow trip we continued decorating more animals that went in the Mitten. The Badger and the Fox were decorated with black and white fabric and  orange fabric. The yeladim looked at the pictures in the kitah and knew what to do.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Va’eira, Hashem asks Moshe to take the Yehudim out of Mitzrayim. They were slaves to King Paroah for so long! King Paroah always said no to Moshe. So Hashem sent ten punishments only to the Mitzrim, not the Yehudim. This week’s Parsha only mentions seven of them. The first Maccah was blood. Blood filled the rivers and streams and there was no drinking water. The second Maccah Hashem sent was frogs.Frogs were jumping everywhere! There was no place to move! Have fun singing our frog song! The third Maccah was lice. All the Mitzrim had itchy lice in their hair! The fourth Maccah was wild animals running all over Mitzrayim! The fifth Maccah was that Hashem made all the animals in Mitzrayim very sick! So sick that the mitzrim could not use them to travel or do their work for them. The sixth Maccah Hashem sent was horrible blisters all over the bodies of the Mitzrim! They were in so much pain that they could barely live! The seventh Maccah Hashem sent was hail, thunder and lightning from the sky. But with the hail was fire as well! None of the mitzrim could leave their house! It was too dangerous to be outside!

After each Maccah King Paroah asked Moshe to get rid of the punishment. Moshe told the King that the only way he could do that was to promise to let the Yehudim go. He always agreed BUT the King always changed his mind!

We love playing with our snow play dough so much that we might have to make more!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit