We added more snowflakes to the kitah! This time the yeladim used scissors. We took a white round piece of paper. We folded it in half and then we folded it again. Lauren told Morah Lilli that it looked like a “slice of pizza.” The yeladim all agreed. They learned to cut the edges of the paper to make little triangles. The yeladim are used to cutting only straight lines but here they had the opportunity to do something different. They opened up their paper and they really looked like snowflakes! We glued the snowflakes on coffee filters and spread clear glue that was mixed with glitter flakes! They look gorgeous and we hung them on the lights all around the room.


On Wednesday morning we went outside on our snow trip to collect snow again. This time we brought the snow into the kitah but we did not play with it,  we left it in the buckets. After lunch we observed the buckets and realized that there was water at the bottom. Hmmmm. They knew that the snow was melting! It is too warm in the classroom for “snow to stay like snow!”

What would happen if we took the snow that melted and poured it into ice cube tray? That is exactly what we did. We took the tray to the freezer and we can’t wait to see what happens!

It’s all about the snow! Off to the indoor gym we went and opened up the parachute. We threw many snowballs on the parachute and sang our “Dance Like Snowflakes” song while we were shaking the parachute! We had such a good time!

We also made pretend snow as well! We mixed three cups of baking soda and half a cup of hair conditioner. The yeladim had so much fun playing with it in a big box with bowls and spoons!

All The Mitten animals are finished! The yeladim were so excited to make the Bear and the Mouse! They had a choice of black fur or white fur for the body of the Bear. The kitah decided that all mice should be grey so grey vinyl fabric was glued onto the bodies of the mice.

We practiced our Mitten story in circle time with all our animals in front of us. Every time we read that an animal went inside the Mitten the yeladim took their animal and put it inside their own Mitten!

It was so appropriate that on pizza day Morah Lea read a funny book called The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza. The yeladim loved the book and thought it was so funny!

The yeladim loved practicing recognizing the letters in their names on their name cards using the clothespins. We are sending them home this weekend so you can play with them.

Enjoy our Parshat Va’eira frog puppets! The yeladim loved hearing the story of the ten Maccot!