Thank you for all the feedback from our special literature activity The Mitten. The yeladim still want us to read it in the kitah and we surely will!

Morah Jill came on Monday morning for our special music class. The yeladim had the opportunity to use bell chimes to represent snowflakes “falling”. We loved to walk around the gym pretending to be snowflakes! Just like we do in our kitah, but we dance like snowflakes!

We talked about the snow that will be coming and the yeladim had so much fun making a scenic snow picture. This time they were able to make “snowflakes” by dipping rubber rings in white paint and tapping them on black paper. Cotton “clouds” were added in the sky and our scenic winter picture is complete!

We are still enjoying playing with the “snow” that we made last week.

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Bo, we learned about the last three Maccot that Hashem sent to the Mitzrim. Arbeh, grasshoppers were the eighth Maccah.  They ate all the food in Mitzrayim!

The ninth Maccah was Choshech, darkness. The yeladim closed their eyes and they yelled that they could not see anything. The Mitzrim could not see anything either! It was so dark that no one was able to move!

The tenth Maccah was the worst one of all. All the first born Mitzrim became very sick. So sick that finally King Paroah yelled at Moshe and told him to let all the Yehudim go! Moshe could not believe it, but he told the Yehudim to leave Mitzrayim very fast before King Paroah changes his mind!


Thank you to Ezra’s daddy for coming in as our library guest.

We hope everyone has an amazing vacation!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit