What an exciting time in Israel. The trees are blooming, especially the almond trees. We looked at pictures of four types of trees in Israel. The almond tree is definitely the prettiest with beautiful pink flowers. We also saw an orange tree, olive tree, and a eucalyptus tree. They all look so different! We then ventured outside to the playground and looked at trees. The trunks, roots and branches. We observed that the tree trunks have different textures from tree to tree. We wrapped paper around two tree trunks and rubbed brown crayons them. We saw that the design on the papers did not look the same and we realized why.

Still focusing on trees we went to the nature room and played with real trunks and branches as well as soil and spray bottles. They really enjoyed using the hammer and nails with the wood pieces as well.

Thank you to Lia’s mommy for being our Library guest this week. She was able to read a special book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. A story about a tree that gives a boy grown into a man everything that the tree can give him throughout his life. We talked about what trees can give us? We will send home a book with all the great answers the yeladim gave us.

On Tuesday we played with only wood toys since trees gives wood which then becomes different toys that we have in our kitah. We played with blocks, puzzles and loose parts made out of wood as well.

This week’s Parsha is very exciting. In Parshat Yitro Hashem gives Moshe the Aseret Hadibrot, The Ten Commandments. We read the book The Ten Good Rules. The yeladim loved counting while Morah Lilli was reading the book. They even used their fingers to count as well.

We made our very own Har Sinai’s with clay. They enjoyed the feel of the clay and really did a great job making a mountain! So much fun!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit