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They have arrived and the Sunflowers are so excited!

We had the most exciting Monday ever! The eggs arrived with the baby chicks growing inside of them! A man from the farm showed us a hen named Gail and a rooster named Knight. The eggs are in a special container and we have to turn the eggs three times during the day. The Sunflowers are on “ lunch duty.” We helped count as we turned all the eggs. They have numbers on them so we make sure that we have turned them! The container has to stay a special temperature to make sure the chicks can grow and hatch. The yeladim talk about the chicks all day! It is so great to listen to their excitement.

Morah Jill was here and we enjoyed dancing to all the Purim songs that we know while shaking her groggers.

Our baking hats were put on and we made delicious Hamantashen with white and dark chocolate chips. They look delicious and we hope you enjoy eating them on Purim We enjoyed creating the beautiful bowl that we made out of paper mache for you to use to enhance your Seudah table. You can use it for a long time to come. We also made sugar cookies in shapes of crowns and hamantashen. Yummy!

We took off our baking hats and put on our artist hats. A landscape of Shushan was cut out from butcher paper. The yeladim used their artistic skills to decorate Shushan to make it beautiful. They used all different types of materials. It is hanging in the lobby of the shule. After we hung it up we took a class picture in front of it and sang all […]

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Music Class and More in Little Beginners

Purim is just 2 days away, and we are getting very excited! We finished up our graggers today by adding stickers to our painted bottles. 

During circle time we also had the chance to play with graggers. We really enjoy spinning the graggers and making loud noises! Aside from singing Purim songs, we also sang our all time favorite ‘Head and Shoulders’.


Next, we had the opportunity to join the Sunflowers class and a very special guest- the Music Lady, Morah Jill! We all clapped our hands and marched around as she played her guitar and sang Purim songs. We were having so much fun, we didn’t want her to leave!

On our way to the park, we stopped in our Nature Center room to see the newest edition to the school- baby chick eggs! We hope to be there to see these eggs hatch. Outside, we enjoyed the fresh air and took a nature walk around the park, we saw some flowers and baby trees.

It was quite the eventful day in Little Beginners, and we cannot wait to see what Wednesday will bring.


Morah Deena and Morah Naama

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The eggs are here! and last minute Purim prep in the Butterflies

After painting our graggers, each child chose the beads they liked to put inside. Our gragger is going to be double duty – it’s also our megillah case! We hope you enjoy the Purim projects we’ll be sending home.

Morah Jill came and we had a great music class with her and sang lots of fun Purim songs. We loved twirling the graggers and using the parachute.

We are so excited that we’ll be hatching chicks over the next 2 weeks. The farmer brought the incubator with the eggs and he also brought two grown chickens for us to see. They made pretty loud noises and showed us their feathers. The farmer taught us how to take care of the eggs and make sure they stay warm. Next week, we hope that the chicks will hatch! We are checking on them every day.

Chaya Feiga brought in a toy chicken that day so we enjoyed passing it around and making chicken noises.

As we observed the eggs, the children made some comments.

“Where’s the farmer?”

“I want to see the eggs.”

“There’s food for the chicks.”

“The eggs are orange brown.”

“There’s a number on the egg.”

“There’s chicks in there!”

And last but not least, some happy outside faces.


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We sponge painted Hamantashen on our bowls in the Sunflowers

After our bowls dried we dipped sponge shaped Hamantashen on our bowls. They really look gorgeous. Can’t wait to fill them!

We read an adorable book called Not For All The Hamantashen In Town by Laura Aron Milmander. Thank you Simon for bringing the book in! We loved reading it!

We put on silly hats and sang all our Purim songs while playing our instruments and dancing around the classroom! We will definitely do it again!

We had the opportunity to do “free collage” to make clowns. You should see how they came out! They were glued on our Mishloach Manot bags. We will fill them with so many nice foods!

Thursday is our challah baking day! As well as Morah Brenda coming to visit us for our literacy experiences! Shabbos is coming and we can’t wait!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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Hamantashen Making in the Butterflies

The children were so excited to finally make hamantashen! First we made the dough together and mixed all the ingredients in a big bowl. We measured flour, sugar, baking powder, oil, sugar, eggs, and vanilla. We mixed it up and put it in the fridge until the next day.

Then we each got a piece. We remembered that the first shape we need to make is a circle, so we flattened our dough into circles. Then each child got to choose what kind of filling they wanted – cherry or chocolate. They put the filling in the middle of the dough and folded up the sides to make a triangle shape. Then they pinched the corners so it would stay. They looked just like Haman’s hat!

We can’t wait to send them home in our Mishloach Manot for Purim next week.

And here are some other pictures from the week. We’ve been having a lot of fun with finger paint, gears, playdough, and trains as well as dress up.

Shabbat Shalom!

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Making Graggers -In Little Beginners

Though the week was short, we still accomplished a lot!

On Wednesday we began working on our graggers for Purim. We really enjoyed shaking our water bottles filled with beans and making all different kinds of loud noises. It was a lot of fun painting the bottles as well. We are really looking forward to shaking our graggers when we hear Haman’s name on Purim.

During circle time, Morah Naama read us The Wheels on the Bus, we kept asking her to read it again and again, and by the 3rd time, we were doing the hand motions and singing along! While playing in our indoor gym, our Morahs brought out a giant parachute and small, soft balls. We all took turns throwing the balls onto the parachute and watching it fly up and down.


We can’t wait to return to school on Monday! Have a great weekend!

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Our Ra’ashanim are finished!….. In the Sunflowers

We finished them! Yay! Now we can shake them in class when we sing our Purim songs and when we hear Haman’s name when we go over the Megillah story. The yeladim were able to fill their Ra’ashan’s containers with all different kinds of things. Bells, corks, beads, and tiles to create the noise that they wanted. They shook the items first in their hands in order to hear what they would sound like when shaken. They cannot wait until they can shake their Ra’ashan’s in shule! Last but not least, we added beautiful sequins on their crowns and hats as well. They really look adorable and the yeladim are excited to bring them home next week!

Our paper mache bowls were all dry on Monday. The balloons were popped and we cut the circle to create a bowl. The yeladim picked their own colors to paint their bowl. Wait until you see what we put in this bowl! It will be a surprise!

We will be busy the rest of the week getting ready to do more Purim projects!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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What beautiful weather this is! in the Butterflies

We have been really enjoying this spring-like weather. The children were so excited to run around outside!


Thank you to Nathan’s mother for reading to us for library time!

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Wait until you see our bowls for our Hamantashen that the Sunflowers made!

We have been continuing acting out the Purim story every day as well as creating special projects that we will be sending home in the next week and a half. The most messy but by far the most fun was creating a special bowl to hold our Hamantashen that we will be baking. Balloons filled with air were put out in front of each child. The children dipped strips of paper towel in a mixture of flour, glue and water. Then they placed the paper towel strips all over the balloon. Their hands got very messy BUT it will be well worth it once we pop those balloons!

Brenda, our literacy specialist, came and the yeladim are really learning to put two sounds together to create a word! We are so proud of them and we love Sammy the Snail that helps Brenda!

Now we are onto creating the heads of our groggers. Eyes, nose, and hair were glued on styrofoam balls to create the head of a Purim character. Can’t wait to put all the parts together and shake that Ra’ashan in shule on Purim!


It was so wonderful to meet with you at conferences. You should only have nachas from your children!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit

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Eating the rainbow and more in the Butterfly Class

The other day we noticed that our snack was triangle shaped! Perfect for Purim!

We also made a fun and healthy rainbow snack. We had fruits and vegetables of every color – strawberries, oranges, carrots, yellow pepper, cucumber, and blueberries. The children loved eating all the colors. One child said, “More rainbow please!”


The children loved the new palace scene that was set up complete with a throne for the king. We are continuing to practice the Purim story with puppets and dress up.


We began making our gragger for Purim! We can shake it when we hear Haman’s name during the Megillah reading, and it will even double as a Megillah case. We each chose a bright color to paint our Pringles can with as the first step.

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