Although it’s not quite the month of Adar yet, we already jumped right into learning about Purim. We loved seeing a puppet show of the story of Purim and learning all about each person in the story – King Achashverosh, Vashti, Mordechai, Queen Esther, and Haman. After hearing the story, the children had a chance to play with the puppets and do a show of their own. They made Achashverosh say, “Vashti, come to my party!” and Vashti said, “No!” They thought about how the king must have felt – was he happy or sad that she didn’t come? They decided he was very sad. He was so sad and upset that he wanted a new queen instead of Vashti. We loved acting this out. We also practiced rolling up the toy megillah that we have.


We also learned about Haman, who was not nice to the Jewish people. When we hear Haman’s name when we read the megillah, we have to make a lot of noise! The children practiced making noise when they heard Haman’s name and being quiet when they heard anything else. After we did that, we went to the table and explored many materials that make different sounds. We put the different things inside containers, put the lids on, and shook them to hear the way it sounded. Some sounded loud and some were quieter – we even tried shaking cotton and guess what? It didn’t make any sound at all!