We finished them! Yay! Now we can shake them in class when we sing our Purim songs and when we hear Haman’s name when we go over the Megillah story. The yeladim were able to fill their Ra’ashan’s containers with all different kinds of things. Bells, corks, beads, and tiles to create the noise that they wanted. They shook the items first in their hands in order to hear what they would sound like when shaken. They cannot wait until they can shake their Ra’ashan’s in shule! Last but not least, we added beautiful sequins on their crowns and hats as well. They really look adorable and the yeladim are excited to bring them home next week!

Our paper mache bowls were all dry on Monday. The balloons were popped and we cut the circle to create a bowl. The yeladim picked their own colors to paint their bowl. Wait until you see what we put in this bowl! It will be a surprise!

We will be busy the rest of the week getting ready to do more Purim projects!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit