We have been continuing acting out the Purim story every day as well as creating special projects that we will be sending home in the next week and a half. The most messy but by far the most fun was creating a special bowl to hold our Hamantashen that we will be baking. Balloons filled with air were put out in front of each child. The children dipped strips of paper towel in a mixture of flour, glue and water. Then they placed the paper towel strips all over the balloon. Their hands got very messy BUT it will be well worth it once we pop those balloons!

Brenda, our literacy specialist, came and the yeladim are really learning to put two sounds together to create a word! We are so proud of them and we love Sammy the Snail that helps Brenda!

Now we are onto creating the heads of our groggers. Eyes, nose, and hair were glued on styrofoam balls to create the head of a Purim character. Can’t wait to put all the parts together and shake that Ra’ashan in shule on Purim!


It was so wonderful to meet with you at conferences. You should only have nachas from your children!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit