We had the most exciting Monday ever! The eggs arrived with the baby chicks growing inside of them! A man from the farm showed us a hen named Gail and a rooster named Knight. The eggs are in a special container and we have to turn the eggs three times during the day. The Sunflowers are on “ lunch duty.” We helped count as we turned all the eggs. They have numbers on them so we make sure that we have turned them! The container has to stay a special temperature to make sure the chicks can grow and hatch. The yeladim talk about the chicks all day! It is so great to listen to their excitement.

Morah Jill was here and we enjoyed dancing to all the Purim songs that we know while shaking her groggers.

Our baking hats were put on and we made delicious Hamantashen with white and dark chocolate chips. They look delicious and we hope you enjoy eating them on Purim We enjoyed creating the beautiful bowl that we made out of paper mache for you to use to enhance your Seudah table. You can use it for a long time to come. We also made sugar cookies in shapes of crowns and hamantashen. Yummy!

We took off our baking hats and put on our artist hats. A landscape of Shushan was cut out from butcher paper. The yeladim used their artistic skills to decorate Shushan to make it beautiful. They used all different types of materials. It is hanging in the lobby of the shule. After we hung it up we took a class picture in front of it and sang all our Purim songs! We are already in the mood! Come and pop by to take a look. We also have pictures of each child in the school in Shushan as well! It really looks so cute!

During gym time for a change, we put away the bikes and the yeladim had bounced away while playing with so many balls. Soccer time in the Sunflower class! We had a blast! We will definitely be doing this again.

It was a beautiful day to go to the park. The yeladim were able to run around outside and go down the slide like a Choo Choo train! Hope we have many more days like today. Have a wonderful Purim!


Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit