After painting our graggers, each child chose the beads they liked to put inside. Our gragger is going to be double duty – it’s also our megillah case! We hope you enjoy the Purim projects we’ll be sending home.

Morah Jill came and we had a great music class with her and sang lots of fun Purim songs. We loved twirling the graggers and using the parachute.

We are so excited that we’ll be hatching chicks over the next 2 weeks. The farmer brought the incubator with the eggs and he also brought two grown chickens for us to see. They made pretty loud noises and showed us their feathers. The farmer taught us how to take care of the eggs and make sure they stay warm. Next week, we hope that the chicks will hatch! We are checking on them every day.

Chaya Feiga brought in a toy chicken that day so we enjoyed passing it around and making chicken noises.

As we observed the eggs, the children made some comments.

“Where’s the farmer?”

“I want to see the eggs.”

“There’s food for the chicks.”

“The eggs are orange brown.”

“There’s a number on the egg.”

“There’s chicks in there!”

And last but not least, some happy outside faces.