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And now we have the ten good rules! in the Sunflowers

We thoroughly enjoyed our Tu b’shvat Seder on Wednesday morning! The yeladim tasted some fruits that they have never eaten before! We all knew that all the items that were on the table had grown on trees. We had out olives, dates, yellow raisins, prunes, apples and oranges.We made a Shehechiyanu bracha and thought more about how important trees are to us. The Giving Tree was still the favorite book of the week and after we read the book the yeladim did some planting of their own!

The yeladim took shovels and dug some dirt to put it in their planters. After that, they sprinkled some parsley seeds into the dirt. Then another scoop of dirt and they were done! Why parsley? You will find out soon enough!

Onto Parshat Yitro and the special scenic project we are continuing to make. The yeladim painted brown the Har Sinai that they made out of clay, as well as the base for the mountain. We added flowers to the mountain because when Hashem gave Moshe the Aseret Hadibrot, flowers bloomed all over the mountain. Sand was added to the base because Har Sinai was in the desert and the yeladim knew that there is A LOT of sand in the desert. We even had the oppurtunity to play in the sandbox this week! It was so much fun! In circletime we talked about the Aseret Hadibrot being given to Moshe on stone tablets. So we made our very own Aseret Hadibrot out of clay. What a great parsha scene! Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Nothing like ending off the week with making challah for shabbos! […]

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More Tu B’shvat fun in the Butterfly Class

After learning so much about Tu B’shvat, we celebrated with a special fruit party at snack time. We tasted yellow raisins, prunes, olives, and dates. We read books about trees and all the things they do for us. It was delicious and fun!

We also planted parsley plants in little terra cotta pots. First, we used a shovel to scoop a little dirt in. Then we added seeds and more dirt on top. After that, the children each had a chance to water their plant with a spray bottle. We are going to put a picture of each child on their pot so they can watch theirs grow!


Last but not least, in honor of Groundhog Day, we experimented with shadows in the Exploration Room. We love to use the projector and see our big shadows on the wall!

Have a good Shabbos!

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