The past two days we have been observing and touching the different foods that we eat at the Seder. We looked at real Marror, the horseradish root that some people use. It was passed around the table and it was interesting to listen to the comments from the yeladim.

Uriel, “It looks like a carrot.”

Lauren, “I think it looks like a mountain.”

”It is hard and bumpy.”

As we cut open the horseradish root the yeladim noticed that the smell on the inside was much stronger than the smell on the outside!

It was so interesting to see the class’ response when they learned that some people use Romaine lettuce for Marror! “That is so funny!” They said.

When we passed around the Romaine some more comments flew around the room.

Ella, “It’s soft.”

Lieba, “It looks really flat.”

Negev, “It looks like a big leaf.”

Emma, “It’s crunchy.”

Last but not least we decided to see which was heavier, the Root or the Romaine. They guessed the Root and they were right!

For Karpas the yeladim learned that some people use parsley to dip in the salt water. Next, we spread the parsley all over the table. The yeladim loved waving it and noticed it is so thin!

Lauren, “It’s wet.”

They all agreed that parsley looks like a tree as well.

We went to the Exploration room and brought the sandbox in. We placed some little people and cardboard packing boxes into the sandbox. The yeladim loved pretending that the people were Avadim in Mitzrayim and they had to build big cities for King Paroah. They loved putting their little fingers in the sand and “acting” out in their little heads what Paroah would say to the Yehudim.

Challah was made Thursday afternoon! What could be better!! And the yeladim also had the oppurtunity to play with playdough or color! They just love both!

Shabbat Shalom!!