We’ve been practicing for the seder and getting familiar with each of the objects and foods that we use and eat on Pesach. We learned all about the seder plate and each item that is on it.

Our favorite activity is pouring grape juice for kiddush for everyone in the class.

We eat bitter marror to remind us that the Jews worked so hard. We held, smelled, and even tasted a real horseradish root. It didn’t taste so good at all.

We learned that we dip two times at the seder. The first thing we dip is the karpas in salt water. Some people use parsley and some people use potatoes or other vegetables. We made salt water together and then dipped parsley and ate it. The salt water reminds us of the tears the Jewish people cried when they were working so hard in Mitzrayim. We also used parsley to paint with.

For the beitzah, the egg, we each practiced cracking an egg and then made scrambled eggs. They were yummy! We know that at the seder, we dip an egg in salt water just like the karpas.


The charoset is made with apples, pears, nuts, and wine or grape juice. The children all helped cut up the fruit and mix it together. It looked just like the cement the Jews made bricks out of in Mitzrayim. We also made our own buildings with brick blocks and sang “bang bang bang bang your hammers low” as we worked.

For the chazeret, the children had a chance to taste a lettuce leaf. At the seder we use it for marror too, as well as the Hillel sandwich.

Last but not least, we had the chance to look at a real chicken bone just like the zroah on the seder plate. We also looked at an xray to see that we have bones inside us too.

At the end of the seder, we find the afikomen. We’ve been having fun hiding and finding the afikomen all around our classroom.