We created our covers for our Haggadot. We wanted them to look like Matza so we dipped LEGO blocks in brown paint and we printed with the blocks! The covers really look like Matza with the holes and everything!


Tuesday morning Rabbi Y came and we had the opportunity to make real Matza with flour and water. We made sure that from the moment the flour and water were mixed until they came out of the oven it was not more than eighteen minutes! Well, we did it!

The yeladim learned in the fourth Question it is mentioned that we lean. Why do we lean? Because we are free! We can sit straight while we drink or we can lean BUT on this night we lean to the left.

We thought it was appropriate to make cute pillowcases for the Seder for when we lean. The yeladim picked pretty Spring fabric paint and used a plastic fork to spread the paint. We have never done this before and they turned out so beautiful!

We really love acting out Magid- the story of Pesach!!