We were slaves BUT now we are free! The yeladim have finished learning the Ma Nishtana and have learned that the last question mentions that we lean when we drink our cups of wine. Why? What is the significance of leaning? Because now we are free! We can eat and drink any way we want!

Our beautiful pillowcases were decorated today with pretty flowers. Even though there is snow outside, it IS spring and what better way to celebrate spring than to make our gorgeous pillowcases with bright fabric paint and bright flowers. They really look great and the yeladim cannot wait to LEAN on them during the Seder.

The real highlight of the week was acting out our Pesach story. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! There is no need to explain the scenes because they did such a great job acting all the different characters!

Our Haggadah is ready to be sent home and the yeladim are so proud of them.

We have to start cleaning the kitah for Pesach and then do B’dikat Chametz next week! We are getting very close!