It was so nice to be back after being away for so long! We had so much to do today to get ready for Pesach.

We started off the day by making our very own matza covers. We used puff painted to trace a stencil with the hebrew word ‘matza’ on it. Each cover came out so pretty and the Little Beginners can not wait to bring them home!

After making the matza covers, we had a mock seder to prepare the children for Friday night. We learned about all the special food that goes on the seder plate, and sang the order of the seder starting from ‘Kadesh’. We also sang the Ma nishtana, we even poured four cups of ‘wine’ and broke the afikomen into two!

Each Little Beginner is learning to interact with each other. They are becoming excellent at sharing at taking turns with the toys. We are so proud of them!


Can’t wait to see you all on Wednesday!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama