After a lot of preparation, we are all ready for Pesach!

We cleaned our classroom and scrubbed the tables, chairs, walls, and mirror. Then we learned about bedikat chametz and checked everywhere with a feather, a candle, and a spoon. We also used a flashlight so we could see better in the dark. We found pretend pieces of chametz and scooped them with our feathers onto our spoons and into the bag. The children were so excited for this treasure hunt and found all the chametz!


We remembered everything we learned about the seder at our mock seder today. We love doing activities together with the Sunflower class! We made kiddush, ate matzah, dipped karpas in salt water, and ate a yummy meal. The table was covered with a beautiful tablecloth we decorated ourselves. King Pharoah even visited and sang songs with us, and the Sunflowers put on a special play of the Pesach story.

The children made beautiful contributions to your family seder! We hope you enjoy the haggadah, kiddush cup, washing cup, afikomen bag, and pillowcase we sent home.

Chag Sameach everyone!