We were so excited for our school Seder! The yeladim shredded the apples for the Charoset. They grated the apples with a standing grater. They are ready for the kitchen! Sprinkled with a little cinnamon and poured a little grape juice! YUM!

Our pillows were stuffed with very soft stuffing. The yeladim have never felt this before and they loved the feeling of the stuffing in their hands!

Spring has arrived as well as the more appropriate weather. We talked about what happens in the springtime, that flowers bloom and the grass grows. The flowers are all different bright colors so we made a beautiful collage in our  Kitah. We took bright colors of all different types of materials and glued in on a large piece of paper. Looking at it, it looks like all different kinds of flowers growing next to each other!

For the Seder we finger painted our tablecloth blue. The yeladim decided it would be the Yam Suf and it really looks like it!

The yeladim did a great job cleaning the whole kitah to get ready for our very own B’dikat Chametz. They put pieces of bread all over the room and then we turned off the lights. They used a feather to sweep the pieces of bread in the paper bag with the help of a candle.  We will give it to the Rabbi to burn the bag Friday morning.

Our Seder was amazing, along with great musical accompaniment by the very famous King Paroah. He came all the way from Mitzrayim with his guitar  to see what a Seder was all about! He enjoyed himself immensely and ended up staying for the whole Seder! We ate all the special foods that we learned about and dipped when we were supposed to. The highlight of the morning was the whole Sunflower class acted out the Maggid story with a special “ guest” featuring as King Paroah. Enjoy the pictures and the videos.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Pesach!

Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit