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They came out of the box in the Sunflower class!

Even though we have had only two days of school in the past week, we had such a great time playing with the baby chicks when we returned to school on Monday. Morah Rachelle took all the chicks out of the box that they have been living in since they hatched. She put them on the gym floor and the yeladim loved to pet them and watch them walk around! One chick was a very yellow color. We had named him Vanilla! After playing with them the farmer arrived to take them back to the farm.

It was such an amazing experience to have these chicks in school. The yeladim really got attached to them! We explained to them that it was time for the chicks to leave the school and to go live on the farm.

We moved quickly to continue creating  our special Hagaddah. We know that before we eat bread when we have lunch in school every day we wash one time with a washing cup and say the bracha. The yeladim learned that at two times during the Seder we wash our hands. The first time at Urchatz, we wash our hands but we don’t make a bracha. The second time at Rachtzah, we wash our hands but this time we make a bracha. We painted our hands with yellow finger paint and then made handprints on their Rachtzah page. The yeladim squished different colors of blue tissue paper to make the “water” pouring out of the washing cup! This is one of many adorable pages the yeladim have been working on.

For the next page, which is Motzi Matzah, the yeladim took matzah stickers and put […]

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Kiddush, Matzah, and More in the Butterflies

We have been super busy getting ready for Pesach! Here is a first peek at some of the activities and explorations we’ve been doing every day.

We learned that at the seder on Pesach we drink 4 cups of grape juice. As all the children are familiar with kiddush and grape juice from Shabbat, they were very excited to make their own grape juice by hand! We used our finger muscles to squeeze the grapes. We noticed that the juice wasn’t purple like the grape juice that comes from a bottle, but it still tasted yummy. It would take a lot of grapes to make enough juice for so many cups of kiddush!

We always say borei pri hagafen before we drink our grape juice.

We decided to use grape juice to create a special seder object – an afikomen bag. We rolled up the pieces of material and put rubber bands on it so we could tie-dye it. We remembered that we tie-dyed shirts for Thanksgiving a few months ago and were excited to do it again.

We also have been learning all about matzah. We talked about challah and that when it bakes, it gets big and puffy and soft. Why does that happen? We remembered the ingredients we put into challah dough – flour, eggs, oil, sugar, salt, water, and yeast. The yeast is what makes the challah rise. We did an interesting experiment to show what that means. We had two water bottles. In one of them we put yeast, sugar, and warm water. In the other one we put only water – because in matzah, there is no yeast or sugar, only flour and water. […]

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We Turned our Water Red!! In Little Beginners

We were so happy to be back in school after the snow storm last week. When we got to school today we noticed a big surprise, the chicks hatched! We all took turns gently petting the chicks.


Back inside our classroom, we continued learning about Pesach. We finished up with our “Moshe in the Basket” project, and started learning about the 10 plagues, we even counted to 10 on our hands! In light of the first plague, when God turned the water into blood, we decided to turn our own water red too. We created an experiment chart and our morahs asked us ‘what do you think will happen when we put red food coloring into the water’? We got some pretty creative answers! We then tested out the experiment, and were amazed to see the water turn red! We began learning about plague number 2, the frogs, by discussing “what sound a frog makes” and singing the ‘frog’s here, frogs there’ songs.

We further explored with water at our water table.

We also explored with light. Our morahs brought us to the projector where we were able to put or hands and other items on the projector and watch them be displayed on the wall.

Today we began learning how to use scissors. With our morahs help we carefully cut paper.

Can’t wait to see everyone again on Wednesday!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama

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The past three days have been so busy in The Sunflowers!

It was Dr. Suess’ birthday on Friday! We talked about the fact that he was an author. We explained to the yeladim that an author is a person that writes books. Morah Kerry read a Dr. Seuss book while all the yeladim were eating birthday cake! The cake was red and the icing was white just like the Cat in the Hat’s hat! Morah Rachelle dressed up as the Cat in the Hat as well! The Rabbi came in with his guitar to sing Purim and Shabbat songs with us at our Shabbat party.

We had an amazing time at our Purim carnival! We loved playing with the games in the gym. Thank you to Emma’s mommy, Lieba’s mommy, Negev’s mommy and Simon’s mommy for attending to the booths while the Sunflowers were able to play.

On Monday morning we started to talk about the next big chag that is coming. The holiday of Pesach. This holiday is coming in three and a half weeks. In circle time we talked about how Pesach is eight days. We counted to eight while we clapped our hands! In these eight days we are not allowed to eat bread. Why? When King Paroah told  Moshe to take the Yehudim and leave after a Hashem sent the tenth Maccah, the Yehudim left Mitzrayim in a hurry. They had no time to let their bread rise so they ended up with Matzah. We took a look at real Matzah and we realized how thin it really was. Some of the yeladim wanted to taste it as well. As they were tasting it, we learned that with Matzah, the flour and the […]

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The chicks are here! in the Butterflies

We were so excited to come in to school this morning and see 5 little baby chicks in the incubator! We’ve been checking on them every day and they finally hatched! They are so cute and small. We used one finger to gently touch their feathers – they’re soft too. We also saw one of the shells that they hatched out of. We watched them in their bin for a little while and saw that they were cuddled together to stay warm and making little chirping sounds.

Later on we visited them again and found one more chick that just hatched! It was fresh out of its shell so we left it there to get dry and warm.


Back in our classroom we did some yoga poses and stretches, pretending to be chicks.


What an exciting thing to happen in school! We can’t wait to see how they change over the next few days!

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Exploring in The Little Beginners

We hope everyone had a great Purim! We are now on to preparing for Pesach.

Today we learned about Moshe in the basket. To help visualize what we learned, we started working on a project by coloring baby Moshe and painting our ‘basket’.

After racing around on our cars and bikes, we went to go visit the chicken eggs- we are still waiting for them to hatch, but it was cool to see the eggs. On our way back to our classroom, we stopped at the ‘Exploration Room’. We were shocked to see how big the teddy bears there are (and how soft they are to lay on). We also enjoyed playing with the magnets in the room. We really didn’t want to leave.



We can’t wait for another great day on Wednesday!


Morah Deena and Morah Naama

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