We’re back from Pesach vacation and on to the next thing! We learned about counting the omer between Pesach and Shavuot until Hashem gives us the Torah. We decided to make a collaborative painting with dot paint and we will add a sticker to the chart every day as we count. We love counting so this will be a real treat each day!!

It’s spring! It’s still a little chilly outside but we hope it will warm up soon so the flowers can bloom. We made collages with tissue paper in different spring colors to hang in our classroom, as well as flowers to hang on our tree. Our trees have more colorful buds on them than the ones we saw outside!!

One day during snack some of the children decided to explore their food with a magnifying glass. The Cheerios looked really big!

After an extended winter, we are excited to be able to play outside again every day. We even brought the outside in with slices and stumps of a tree they cut down from the playground. So much fun!