Welcome back! We hope you had an amazing Chag!

For the next week and a half we will be transforming our kitah and our classrooms into different cities in Israel. Why you ask? Well, it’s Israel’s birthday next week and she will be 70 years old! The yeladim laughed when we said “she”. We talked about the fact that even though Israel is a place and not a person we refer to Israel as a “she”. We have hung up different pictures of Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv, Tzfat and Eilat. We will be learning and experience different things relating to each city. We are so excited and cannot wait to begin our journey!

The first city we are focusing on is Yerushalayim. It is such an important place because the Kotel is there. This is a very big wall that was part of the Beit Hamikdash that was destroyed a long time ago.

Many people come from all over the world to daven at the Kotel. They ask Hashem for many different things that they feel is important to them. A custom is to put notes in between the bricks at the Kotel as well.

The yeladim loved using the blocks from our kitah to make a Kotel. We will try to keep it up all week in the kitah. They really used a lot of teamwork to get the job done!

Another Kotel was built in our kitah as well. This one will be hanging on our wall. The yeladim glued on small bricks as well as square pieces of sandpaper. Little pieces of greenery were added in between the bricks and now we have two beautiful Kotels!

We observed what an Israeli flag looks like. It has two colors Kachol ( Blue) and Lavan ( White). They love singing that song as well. We compared what an Israeli flag looks like and what an American flag looks like. The yeladim agreed that they do look different BUT both flags have blue and white in them!

Continuing with our blue and white theme, the yeladim finger painted with BLUE shaving cream on WHITE paper. That was such a fun activity as well as messy!


Onto S’firat Ha’Omer. The yeladim learned that we count seven weeks from the second night of Pesach until the Chag of Shavuot when Hashem gave us the Torah on Har Sinai. Seven weeks is 49 days and it is a big mitzvah to count each day of the Omer with a special bracha. We painted our very own Har Sinai with brown paint. When the paint dried we added flowers because when Moshe received the Torah flowers bloomed all over the mountain.

We have hung up the Har Sinai in our kitah and we will be counting the Omer every day. Cannot wait for Music and challah baking!