Israel’s birthday is coming up! We are excited to celebrate this by learning about many special things about Israel. We read a story called Ella’s Trip to Israel, where Ella and her family fly on an airplane all the way to Israel. We wondered if she took a nap on the plane, or ate snacks. When they landed at the airport, they traveled all around from Yerushalayim to Tel Aviv to Eilat to Tzfat. It sounded like so much fun that we decided to plan a trip just like this! Next week, in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut, we will be taking a pretend trip to Israel to experience all of the special places and sights. We began our preparations for the trip by painting our airplane.

We learned about the flag of Israel. Each country has its own flag and we looked at pictures of so many different ones. We saw a picture of the Israeli flag – it’s blue and white and has a star in the middle. We looked around the room and found many blue and white things. In Hebrew, we say “kachol v’lavan” – blue and white. We each made a flag to use at our parade next week.



A yummy treat that many people eat in Israel is ice cream! The children were very excited to help make an ice cream parlor for our classroom so we can scoop and serve ice cream to all our friends. We used bubble wrap to stamp with to create the cones, and then dipped styrofoam balls in different “flavors” to make the ice cream scoops.

We have also continued our spring classroom transformation by adding birds and other animals to our tree. The children loved playing with them and doing some animal yoga poses too.

It’s warm outside! We are loving playing outside again. Some children even climbed a tree.

This week we also baked challah for the first time in a few weeks. We hope you enjoy it! Shabbat Shalom!