Well, we know we cannot walk to Israel. Of course we have to fly! So we painted our airplane blue and put two white Magen David’s on it. The yeladim’s pictures are on the plane as well so next week we will be ready to take off!

Morah Jill came on Wednesday and we sang so many Israeli songs! We marched with some flags as well and it really got us into the spirit of being in Israel. Thank you, Morah Jill!

Bakers hats were on again when we made cupcakes for Ezra’s birthday. The batter smelled delicious and the cupcakes tasted even better!

We needed new play dough in the kitah. We observed that the dry mixture of salt, flour and cream of tartar was WHITE. The warm water that was added started off as clear but then we added BLUE food coloring we watched the whole pitcher of water turned BLUE!  The water was then poured into the dry mixture and we kept mixing the play dough. We are so happy that it was BLUE. It really looks so cool!


The next city that we focused on was Tel Aviv. It has very tall buildings and many people work there. Some people even come in from Yerushalayim to work in Tel Aviv. We showed the yeladim many pictures of Tel Aviv. There are many places to eat and shop. In the summer when it is so hot outside, there are many ice cream stores to go to. The yeladim love ice cream! So it was a great idea to create an ice cream store in the kitah. We had the Hebrew sign G’lidah on the stand and the yeladim had the opportunity to buy three flavors of ice cream with their Israeli money. They had such a fun time!

Other yeladim wanted to daven at the Kotel and write notes to Hashem. We talked about what they wanted to ask Hashem for. Some wanted to be happy and others wanted kisses from their Mommy. Such great ideas they had!

For the big birthday party next week we knew we had to make a Degel (flag). We painted wooden Magen David’s made out of popsicle sticks. The yeladim chose different color blues that they wanted to paint with. Wait until we add the fabric stripes!

Thursday is challah baking day! YUM. We love it when we bake challah. The whole school smells amazing!

Happy Birthday Ezra! We had a great time at the party.

Have a great shabbos!