We continued our Israel explorations with a trip to the Kotel. We looked at a picture of the Kotel and saw lots of bricks and grass in between them. We used sponges to stamp with brown paint and each made a brick to add to the Kotel in our classroom. The Kotel is the only part left of the Beit Hamikdash, so it’s very special. We learned that people go there to daven to Hashem and say thank you for all the things He does for them. People write notes to put in the wall with messages for Hashem. When we take our trip to Israel on Thursday, we’re going to put our own notes in. We also built part of the wall with wooden blocks.

Our Tel Aviv ice cream shop is ready for business! We set it up with bowls, cones, and the different flavor scoops of ice cream that we made last week. We have a cash register and ice cream scoopers and the children enjoyed ordering ice cream and checking out the paying customers. The Sunflower class even came to buy some ice cream, as did Morah Rachelle.

We also made our own real homemade ice cream by putting the ingredients – milk, sugar, and vanilla – in a ziploc bag and putting that bag in another bag with ice and salt. We shook it up and eventually, it turned into ice cream!

In Eilat we loved playing in the sand and the water.

We can’t wait for our big trip coming up!