Last Friday was a beautiful day! It was sunny and warm and it gave the Sunflowers the perfect opportunity to become artists. Not just any artists but the artists in the beautiful city of Tzfat, the third city that we have learned about. Tzfat is a city known for its beautiful artwork. Many of the doors and windows of stores and houses are painted in beautiful bright colors. There are even murals which are paintings on walls in Tzfat.

We dedicated the classroom next door to create the city of Tzfat. We went outside and looked all around us at the world Hashem created. We noticed parts of nature, colors, how the sun and wind felt. The yeladim sponge painted beautiful bright colors on pieces of paper and enjoyed looking around them while they were creating their special artwork.

Uriel-  “I am making a tree.”

Negev- “I am making many towers.”


We hung up this artwork like a mural indoors. It really looks great!


During circle time we have been davening at the Kotel in our kitah. We sat in a circle on the floor and davened in front of the wall. It was so much fun to daven in a different place and they really sang so nicely as usual!

The Butteflies had their very own ice cream store in their kitah and invited some Sunflowers in for some ice cream! Yummy. Thank you so much for having us.

We continued working on our flags. We creating the two lines on the flag with different types of blue fabric. All the flags look different and they really look very creative and have a nice texture to them.

The yeladim wanted to make another mural for the city of Tzfat. This time they used easels and painted with rubber brushes.They painted with three colors and were able to paint up and down right and left. We will glue these papers on a white roll of paper and hang up another mural! YAY! It is so fun to create art using different techniques.

It was a windy and rainy day on Monday so it was appropriate to read the book RAIN by Marion Dane Bauer. This book illustrates how rain is created in the clouds. We will do an experiment to see actually how rain develops.

Getting ready for the big day Yom Ha’atzmaut! Israel’s 70th birthday is on  Thursday. We stood in a circle and practiced singing our Hebrew songs while waving our Israeli flags! It really got us in the mood to celebrate! Since we will be playing in our kitah again in our G’lidah store on Yom Ha’atzmaut, we decided to paint some small styrofoam balls for ice cream! We painted the three flavors of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. We have real ice cream scoopers in our kitah and the yeladim will be able to “scoop” the ice cream into little bowls and cones. Cannot wait to eat real ice cream on Thursday!