After preparing and learning about each city in Israel, it was finally time to board the plane for our big trip! We lined up and found our seats on the plane. The pilot flew us safely all the way there! On the way, we had a snack and took a little rest.

When we got to Israel, our first stop was the Kotel. We davened and wrote notes to Hashem.

Then we traveled to Tzfat to check out the beautiful art gallery. It was full of art that we made! There were finger paint masterpieces, chalk drawings, and collages.

After that, we took the bus to Tel Aviv and enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat at the ice cream shop. We also ate yummy Israeli salad.

The last stop was Eilat, where we played on the beach in the sand and water.

The day finished with a parade together with the Sunflower class. The Rabbi played songs on his guitar while we danced with our flags. It was so much fun!


We’ll be sending home a book with even more pictures!