On Wednesday we were finishing preparing for the big birthday day! We baked a delicious vanilla cake in honor of Yom Ha’atzmaut. Then we sprinkled blue sprinkles in shape of the Israeli flag. We also visited our last city in Israel. Eilat. We had the opportunity to play in the sand like being in the desert, play at the water table like swimming in the Red Sea and looking at sea shells with magnifying glasses! That was so interesting! We were so busy in Eilat we were just missing the sun!

We asked the yeladim what color we should dye our white T-shirts for Yom Ha’atzmaut. They yelled “BLUE!” just like the Israeli flag. So we put our T-shirts in blue dye in a big container. They stayed in the container for a very long time. When the shirts came out they looked Blue and White! Perfect for Yom Ha’atzmaut.

Our ice cream store was such a hit that we decided to make ice cream play dough! Yes! We wanted to have real “ice cream” that they could scoop out into bowls. The playdough really looks like ice cream! Vanilla and Strawberry were on the menu!

On Thursday the yeladim came into the kitah and they received their passports. Onto the plane they went. When we arrived they received an Israeli sticker on their passports as well as their flag and shirts. They were ready to go to the Kotel. They davened their as well as wrote notes to Hashem and put them in the Kotel.

Off to Tel Aviv where we sat in front of an ice cream store and ate ice cream cones. YUM! This time we had the choice of vanilla or cookies n’ cream. We finished all the cones!

The city of Tzfat was next to visit. We went to the room next door and saw all different types of artwork that the yeladim did in the past. Water colors, finger paints, and tempera paints art were all hanging on the wall. We even studied real art by Picasso and Van Gogh.

Instead of painters, the yeladim became sculptors. The clay was out and they squeezed and squished and whatever three and four year olds do with clay! The yeladim chose anything that they wanted to make. Pizza, plates, and snakes. A lot of variety from a three year old class!

After Tzfat we went back to the kitah and the yeladim wanted to go back to a Tel Aviv. Why, you ask? For the ice cream store! Now they were really able to scoop out the ice cream from real containers! (Playdough….).

We visited Eilat again and this time we took off our socks and shoes and played in the sand just like playing on the beach! We also looked at the seashells, played in the sandbox which had desert animals in their like camels, and played at the water table with a walrus and a dolphin.

Last but not least our parade with Rabbi Mischel was amazing! Dancing and waving our flags was the best while the Rabbi was strumming his guitar. “Oh Yeah!” The Rabbi says……

Happy Birthday Israel!!