It’s really spring! It’s warm and sunny outside and the birds are chirping. In honor of spring we got a visitor in our classroom. Actually, 5 of them. Can you guess what they are?

Caterpillars! We were so excited to see the cup with 5 tiny caterpillars in it. We saw the food on the bottom and watched them move and eat a little. We know that they will eat all their food and get bigger and bigger, and then go into a chrysalis. They’ll sleep in there and when they come out, they’ll be butterflies!

Some children had some questions and comments about the caterpillars.

“Pink on it?”

“They will grow the chrysalis.”

“Brown food.”

“The chrysalis opens.”

“Not bigger yet!”

“Open the tank. No, silly.”

“They move up and down.”

“Eat more?”

We sang a butterfly song and flew around like butterflies.

We made a spring collage of insects shapes on a big butterfly.

And of course we’ve been playing outside a lot! It’s so nice to go out without coats and hats.