So many new things happen in nature in the spring. We’ve been finding lots of exciting things outside like dandelions and little pink flower petals, and we’ve been listening for the chirping birds and noticing little bugs all over the playground. We talked about the fact that bugs live outside. When we play in the playground, we’re visiting their home! We’ve been on the lookout for an anthill but haven’t found one yet. We also played hopscotch, drew with chalk, and climbed trees.

We continued our caterpillar explorations by learning about their life cycle. We read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The children already love it and ask for it to be read every day. In the book, there is a tiny egg that is stuck to a leaf, and a caterpillar comes out from it. It eats and eats – some foods that are good for it and some foods that give it a stomachache – and gets bigger and bigger until it’s ready to make its chrysalis. It sleeps in there for 2 weeks and then it comes out as a butterfly! We noticed that our caterpillars have eaten a lot of their food and gotten bigger since we got them. We wonder when they’ll make their chrysalises.

After learning about the life cycle, we made a giant leaf collage. We also painted paper towel tubes to make chrysalises, and butterflies that can come out of it. To make the butterflies, we colored coffee filters with markers and then sprayed water on it. The water made the color spread!


Shabbat Shalom!