On Wednesday we finished the fourth stage of our special metamorphosis project. The yeladim painted their “butterfly”. It was actually pasta in shape of a bow tie but it really looks like a butterfly! After painting the pasta the yeladim wanted to continue painting so the smocks went on and they painted a picture of anything they wanted! They had such a good time that some could not leave the table!

These pictures are on our windows in the kitah. Come on down and take a look at all their gorgeous art work.

Wednesday was an appropriate day to read the book Rain again considering the rain that was pouring outside. After the book was read we actually made our very own “rain” in the kitah. A large vase was brought to the table filled with water. Shaving cream was put on top of the water. That was our “cloud”. Then water that was dyed blue was dripped on top of the cloud. We had to wait awhile to actually see the “rain” come down in the vase. We had to wait for the drops in the cloud to get bigger and heavier until we saw the blue “rain”. The yeladim loved this science activity especially after reading the book!

On Thursday we put together our Science project. The life cycle of a Caterpillar to a Butterfly. Ask them about it! They really know so much!

As we were walking to the playground we noticed our garden had no plants in it. So we decided that next week we are going to do some planting. We will be learning next week about plants and flowers and how they grow. In the meantime in circle time we passed around pretty tulips. They were not real but we observed the flower itself the stem and the leaves. They looked so real that some of them wanted to smell the flowers!


After looking and touching  the flowers we wanted to make our very own tulips. We dipped forks in different colors and fork printed tulips! The yeladim then painted stems and leaves! We are going to put these pictures up as well on the windows of our kitah!

Shabbos is coming! Enjoy the challah we made!