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Markers, Pencils and Easel Paper in the Sunflowers

Last Friday we planted our last plant at the side of the shule. Now all we have to do is to keep watering them! We will take a peek to see how they are growing!

We opened up a new activity at our tables in the Sunflower class. Large stencils were laid out and they were shapes of many things. Cats, cars, bears, and boats were just some of them. The yeladim took markers and started tracing inside all the different shapes. This is great for them to learn how to hold a pencil or marker. Easel paper was put on the easel as well to give the yeladim the opportunity to create lines that are vertical or horizontal. They loved this new activity and we will have this special activity all week!

Towards the end of the day we sat in a circle and listened to We are Going on a Bear Hunt. We repeated everything that the song said. We slapped our thighs with our hands and listened to the beat! We did the song three times and the yeladim want to continue singing this fun song!


We are getting our kitah ready for our special End of Year Celebration. The yeladim made different color handprints for a border on the wall. They picked two colors and kept pressing their hands different ways and angles! They look so cute!

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Another fun week in the Butterflies!

We had so much fun this week painting outside, eating snack outside, making giant bubbles, and making pinwheels for Memorial Day. See you on Tuesday!




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Sensory Week in Little Beginners

This week we focused on sensory, specifically our sense of ‘touch and feel’.

On Tuesday, we got a chance to paint with whipped cream! At first, we were confused as to what it was, but then one brave beginner tried it and assured everyone “it was yummy!” We discussed the feeling of the whipped cream on our fingers, and decided it was ‘fluffy’ and ‘tasted good’.

On Wednesday, we made our own squishy play mat that we got to take home!

By mixing hair gel and glitter, we created a toy so mushy and so fun to play with! Each Beginner personalized their own mat with stickers of their choice. They loved how it felt, and thought it smelled good too.


On Thursday, we enjoyed this beautiful day by playing outside. When we were outside, we saw a baby pool filled with soapy water. We looked inside and found that there were bubbles!

We had a jam-packed week! And we learned a lot about how different things feel.


Have a great Memorial Weekend. See you Wednesday!


Morah Deena & Morah Naama

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Red, White and Blue…….in the Sunflower class

We hope all of you had a beautiful Shavuot with your children. We have been checking on our garden all the time and we have been noticing small changes. The yeladim love to observe the plants and water them as well but we have had so much rain that the yeladim keep saying “ The soil is STILL wet!” Yes it is, and will be wet for awhile.

Next Monday is Memorial Day. During circle time we talked about how Memorial Day is really not a Jewish holiday. It is an American holiday where we remember many special people that protect our country. Just how Israel has soldiers that protect Israel, America has soldiers that protect it as well.

We looked at books that have pictures of the American flag but the yeladim knew that the colors of the flag were red, white and blue. We wanted to make a special decoration for Memorial Day so we decided to make a windsock. Not really made out of socks, but with this decoration you will be able to hang it outside and when the wind blows the streamers on the cans will be moving along with the wind!

The yeladim had a choice of painting their cans blue or red. Then they decorated with different materials of red, white and blue. They really look fantastic and very patriotic!

It was so much fun to fingerpaint with our patriotic colors as well! The yeladim figured out that blue and red make purple or that white can  make a color lighter!

Last but not least, we went to the two round gardens by the side of the parking lot. […]

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We had butterflies in the Butterfly Class!

Our butterflies came out of their chrysalises this week! We fed them sugar water and watched them fly around their habitat.

They like to have a lot of space to fly around, so we decided to let them go outside. We opened the net and saw them fly away. One of them didn’t want to leave! He even sat on Morah Chavie’s finger before he flew off with the others. It was so exciting to see. We said, “Bye, butterflies!”

We finished our Shavuot preparations by planting flowers in our paper mache flower pots. We also planted real flowers outside in our garden! We dug holes and put the flowers inside the ground.

We learned that on Shavuot we eat lots of dairy food. We made lasagna as a special Shavuot treat. We layered noodles, sauce, and cheese until the pan was full. It’s going to be yummy after it’s baked!

Have a very happy Shavuot! See you on Tuesday!


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Shavuot is Here in the Sunflowers

The yeladim were so excited when Morah Jill our music teacher walked into our kitah! They were already on their chairs ready to practice with her guitar. They sounded great and their voices are getting louder every day!

We had a special visitor from the Livingston Board of Health. Her name was Jessica Kelly and she spoke to the yeladim about Playground Safety. Waiting our turn and that we should not stand on swings were some of the many things she discussed. We were so happy that she came to visit us and talk about this important topic.

Shavuot was really in the air when each one of our yeladim were able to become Sofer. They learned that a Sofer is a man who writes the words on the Torah. That is such a big job! Every letter has to be perfect and in a straight line. The yeladim received their own feathers and dipped them in black paint. They enjoyed being able to try to fill in the Hebrew letters on the paper that had their Hebrew name on it. It is NOT easy writing with a feather!

In circle time we talked about some customs that we have on Shavuot. The first thing that some people do is that they learn Torah all night. We know why! Because Hashem gave us the Torah on Shavuot! The second thing is that some people only eat dairy foods like pizza and macaroni and cheese and lasagna just to name a few dishes!
So in honor of this special Chag we made delicious cheesecake parfaits. The yeladim crushed the graham crackers in a sandwich bag with […]

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Getting Ready for Shavuot in Little Beginners

This week we were focused on Shavuot, the holiday when we got the Torah. We love our little Torah that we daven with every day.

When we got to school on Monday, we were surprised to see different colored water! What were we doing?! We were dying coffee liners to make them our flowers for our Har Sinai napkin holders. It was so cool to see the white liners turn red, yellow, green and purple! When it dried, we glued our flowers onto our mountain. We just love how they came out and can’t wait to use them to decorate our holiday table!


While we were playing with the cars and bikes, we also had a chance to explore pieces of a tree. The kids were fascinated by the little tree ‘cookies’ that smelled so good! Did you know that the two long holders which the Torah scroll is wrapped around come from a tree?

On Wednesday, we made cheesecake!

We all took turns crushing the graham crackers, adding the ingredients, and mixing the batter! During snack time we got to try our cake, and it was delicious!


We celebrated a very special day- it was Shira’s birthday party!! Shira’s mommy came to school with her older brother, Adam. Shira gave out instruments to all her friends, and we had a marching band around the classroom singing happy birthday to Shira! After Shira’s mother read us a story, and then we had cupcakes!

What a great day! Happy Birthday Shira!!

Have a great weekend!! Remember- there is no school Monday, but we will have school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!! See you then!


Morah Deena and Morah Naama


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Carrots, Cucumbers and Tomatoes in the Sunflowers

We love going to our new garden! It is located at the side of the shule. We planted so many delicious vegetables. Some of the yeladim had a chance to make holes in the soil and the other ones had a chance to put the plants in the soil. It really was so great that we had this special opportunity to do this because we have been learning about plants and flowers over the past couple of weeks. We have to make sure that we take care of these plants very well! We will need to water them and make sure that they get a lot of sunlight. All we have to do is remember our plant song! Thank you so much to Negev’s Eema, Shyella, for all her hard work and donations to help give us this amazing experience!!!

Continuing our plant theme it was the perfect time to decorate our planters for Shavuot. The yeladim picked different colors and painted recycled containers. Next we added beautiful flowers made from fabric and paper. They look gorgeous and we look forward to planting our flowers in them.

Rabbi Y visited us on Tuesday morning and talked about how a Torah is made. It was so interesting to learn what the words of the Torah are written on. They are written the skin of a kosher animal.


As the week progressed we kept a keen eye on our plants. Our garden is looking good! All the plants look nice and green and the soil is very moist. We checked on each plant and remembered which one was the […]

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Shavuot preparations in the Butterfly Class

We used the cups that we paper mache’d last week to create flower pots for Shavuot. We painted them brown like mountains and added flowers and leaves to remind us of Har Sinai. We are going to plant flowers inside the cups and it will be a beautiful centerpiece for your Shavuot table!


On Shavuot we got the Torah from Hashem. Moshe went up on Har Sinai and got the Luchot, the two stone tablets, which have the Aseret Hadibrot – the Ten Commandments – on them.  We read a book called the Ten Good Rules and learned about each one. We counted from 1 to 10 as we read each page. Then we made a project with fingerprints for each commandment – one fingerprint for the first one, two for the second, and so on. It was good counting practice!

Rabbi Rosenblum came and showed us how a real Torah is made. We saw how they sew the pieces together to make the parchment, and then use special ink to write the letters. If even one letter is messed up, the Torah can’t be used! We got a chance to use a real feather to write the Alef Bet.


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We finished the surprise in the Sunflowers!

Our special project is finished. We were busy using tissue paper and paint as well as ripping paper into tiny PIECES. We measured, poured and mixed a very yummy treat as well.

Our  garden is ready. Thank you to Shyella Shuker for working so hard to clean and prepare it for us! Now we are ready to plant! When we went to see the garden we noticed some poison ivy in a big pile. Negev told us about poison ivy. He said “Let it be and stay away!”

Noach’s Birthday is coming! We painted his frame red and added all his favorite things to it.

Wishing all our mommies  a Happy Mother’s Day! Have a great shabbos!

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