On Monday morning Morah Jill came and we started practicing for our special end of the year program. The yeladim were so excited to practice all the songs that we have been singing throughout the year. They really sound so great!

Our caterpillars measured one and a half inches on Monday. They grew half and inch over the weekend. They have also become very fat! We are very excited for when they become butterflies! We love looking at the specimen of a butterfly that we have in our classroom. It is so cool to see a real butterfly up close. Speaking of butterflies, we sponge painted paper butterflies using pretty bright colors. We used red, orange and yellow.

Tuesday morning we learned that there are four parts to a butterfly. We looked at real pictures of butterflies and observed that their antennae are very thin and we could barely notice their eyes! Their wings have pretty colors and their abdomens are quite thick.  For our own butterflies, we added small googly eyes for the eyes. For the abdomen, we glued on a thick piece of pipe cleaner. We did not have to add anything to the wings and for the antennae, the yeladim glued on very thin pieces of lanyard.

Our caterpillars are almost in the shape of the letter J! That means they soon will make their chrysalis!

When we went to the park before lunch we went to look for some flowers. We could not find any but we looked at tree roots while we were there. Tree roots are much thicker and harder than flower roots but they still do the same thing. All roots help hold the tree or plant in place and soak up water as well.

We loved to look at real flowers in the kitah! We gathered around the table and we explored daisies. We felt the petals on the flowers as well as touched the leaves and stems. We observed that all the flowers have different leaves but the stems look pretty much the same. We learned a special flower song about all the parts of the flowers.


We started a flower project. On a piece of blue paper the yeladim glued a brown piece of paper at the bottom. That is the “soil”. Next they cut a thin piece of green paper into small slits so that it would look like grass. They then glued the “grass” on top of the  “soil”.  We added “roots” in the soil using brown shredded paper. WOW! They really look like the roots we saw outside!

Looking forward to  Lag Ba’Omer! Wait until you hear about our celebration!!