On Wednesday we continued our theme of the week with looking at our garden outside. We observed that the plants were very dry. When we took the plants out of the soil we saw all the roots!  We cannot wait to plant new flowers and plants. We are continuing singing our plant song and love doing the hand motions! On our special flower project we added stems, leaves, and the flower on the top.

On Thursday we celebrated Lag Ba’omer which is the thirty third day of the Omer. We learned that it is so important to be nice to each other and be good friends to each other as well. We had an amazing bonfire outside just like they do in Israel! We actually roasted marshmallows! YUM! Rabbi Mischel came with his guitar and played wonderful songs with us. The best part was all the Sunflowers held hands and sang V’ahavta L’reiacha Kamocha. It was really so special.

All the yeladim had a chance to put the sticks that we collected in the park into the bonfire pit to prepare before the fire was lit. We stayed a far distance away when Mr. Leeds lit the fire for us. We had a lot of sticks and had a really ‘cool’ fire! Thank you Mr. Leeds for coming to help us celebrate Lag Ba’Omer!!


Morah Brenda came and read a very cute book about dust bunnies! The yeladim loved making up rhyming words to words that she would say. They are really great at that!

The last step to our flower project was adding the seeds. We compared different seeds at the table. We had parsley, dill, mint and arugula. We observed that the mint seeds were so tiny they looked liked dust! The parsley seeds were the biggest and the dill seeds were the roundest. It was so interesting to look, touch, and smell the seeds.

After observing the seeds we put them in a paper cupcake holder to put in the center of our flower. Now our projects are finished and we will hang them up in our kitah!


Of course we baked challah as well and are looking forward to Shabbos!