It has been a great week for the Little Beginners!

We started off by making on of our favorite things- a yellow school bus!! It was hard work stuffing the tissue paper into our water bottles buses, but we all were able to do it and were so happy to have our very own bus when we were done.

On Wednesday we made a special present for our special mothers. We made flowers with each of the kids faces on it. We then asked each child to give an answer to the sentence “I love it when my mommy”… We got some really sweet answers, and we wrote their responses on the leafs of the flowers. We hope you enjoy these beautiful picture frames that your children worked so hard on!

We also began learning about Shavuot. We learned some Shavuot songs, like “Hashem gave us a present” and “I am a mountain so very tall”… We learnt that Shavuot is the holiday were we celebrate getting the Torah. We love our little Torah.



Of course, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to play outside in this beautiful weather!

Another great week in Little Beginners. Can’t wait to see everyone on Monday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Morah Deena and Morah Naama