We love going to our new garden! It is located at the side of the shule. We planted so many delicious vegetables. Some of the yeladim had a chance to make holes in the soil and the other ones had a chance to put the plants in the soil. It really was so great that we had this special opportunity to do this because we have been learning about plants and flowers over the past couple of weeks. We have to make sure that we take care of these plants very well! We will need to water them and make sure that they get a lot of sunlight. All we have to do is remember our plant song! Thank you so much to Negev’s Eema, Shyella, for all her hard work and donations to help give us this amazing experience!!!

Continuing our plant theme it was the perfect time to decorate our planters for Shavuot. The yeladim picked different colors and painted recycled containers. Next we added beautiful flowers made from fabric and paper. They look gorgeous and we look forward to planting our flowers in them.

Rabbi Y visited us on Tuesday morning and talked about how a Torah is made. It was so interesting to learn what the words of the Torah are written on. They are written the skin of a kosher animal.


As the week progressed we kept a keen eye on our plants. Our garden is looking good! All the plants look nice and green and the soil is very moist. We checked on each plant and remembered which one was the carrots, radishes and the arugula.


We love to play with our indoor garden world also. We even invited our butterflies to join us!!

We practice for our end of the year celebration every morning. The yeladim love singing all the songs that we have learned throughout the year. If they are singing Chanukah songs at home do not worry, it is normal!

Happy Birthday to Noach! We had a great party and he loved the picture frame that the yeladim made him!