This week we were focused on Shavuot, the holiday when we got the Torah. We love our little Torah that we daven with every day.

When we got to school on Monday, we were surprised to see different colored water! What were we doing?! We were dying coffee liners to make them our flowers for our Har Sinai napkin holders. It was so cool to see the white liners turn red, yellow, green and purple! When it dried, we glued our flowers onto our mountain. We just love how they came out and can’t wait to use them to decorate our holiday table!


While we were playing with the cars and bikes, we also had a chance to explore pieces of a tree. The kids were fascinated by the little tree ‘cookies’ that smelled so good! Did you know that the two long holders which the Torah scroll is wrapped around come from a tree?

On Wednesday, we made cheesecake!

We all took turns crushing the graham crackers, adding the ingredients, and mixing the batter! During snack time we got to try our cake, and it was delicious!


We celebrated a very special day- it was Shira’s birthday party!! Shira’s mommy came to school with her older brother, Adam. Shira gave out instruments to all her friends, and we had a marching band around the classroom singing happy birthday to Shira! After Shira’s mother read us a story, and then we had cupcakes!

What a great day! Happy Birthday Shira!!

Have a great weekend!! Remember- there is no school Monday, but we will have school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!! See you then!


Morah Deena and Morah Naama