The yeladim were so excited when Morah Jill our music teacher walked into our kitah! They were already on their chairs ready to practice with her guitar. They sounded great and their voices are getting louder every day!

We had a special visitor from the Livingston Board of Health. Her name was Jessica Kelly and she spoke to the yeladim about Playground Safety. Waiting our turn and that we should not stand on swings were some of the many things she discussed. We were so happy that she came to visit us and talk about this important topic.

Shavuot was really in the air when each one of our yeladim were able to become Sofer. They learned that a Sofer is a man who writes the words on the Torah. That is such a big job! Every letter has to be perfect and in a straight line. The yeladim received their own feathers and dipped them in black paint. They enjoyed being able to try to fill in the Hebrew letters on the paper that had their Hebrew name on it. It is NOT easy writing with a feather!

In circle time we talked about some customs that we have on Shavuot. The first thing that some people do is that they learn Torah all night. We know why! Because Hashem gave us the Torah on Shavuot! The second thing is that some people only eat dairy foods like pizza and macaroni and cheese and lasagna just to name a few dishes!
So in honor of this special Chag we made delicious cheesecake parfaits. The yeladim crushed the graham crackers in a sandwich bag with a rolling pin. We mixed the cheese mixture after that. Then the yeladim layered the crumbs and the cheese to make two layers of each. The strawberry jello was added to the top. Hope you enjoy these special desserts!

To wrap things up we went to the Nature Room and planted beautiful plants in our gorgeous planters that we made. The yeladim added soil to the box and then put in the flowers. They added more soil and watered them as well. Flowers blooming just like they did on Har Sinai!

We set our butterflies free. It was very exciting to see them fly away! We remember when they were little caterpillars.

Wishing you a wonderful Chag and a great shabbos!