Our butterflies came out of their chrysalises this week! We fed them sugar water and watched them fly around their habitat.

They like to have a lot of space to fly around, so we decided to let them go outside. We opened the net and saw them fly away. One of them didn’t want to leave! He even sat on Morah Chavie’s finger before he flew off with the others. It was so exciting to see. We said, “Bye, butterflies!”

We finished our Shavuot preparations by planting flowers in our paper mache flower pots. We also planted real flowers outside in our garden! We dug holes and put the flowers inside the ground.

We learned that on Shavuot we eat lots of dairy food. We made lasagna as a special Shavuot treat. We layered noodles, sauce, and cheese until the pan was full. It’s going to be yummy after it’s baked!

Have a very happy Shavuot! See you on Tuesday!