We hope all of you had a beautiful Shavuot with your children. We have been checking on our garden all the time and we have been noticing small changes. The yeladim love to observe the plants and water them as well but we have had so much rain that the yeladim keep saying “ The soil is STILL wet!” Yes it is, and will be wet for awhile.

Next Monday is Memorial Day. During circle time we talked about how Memorial Day is really not a Jewish holiday. It is an American holiday where we remember many special people that protect our country. Just how Israel has soldiers that protect Israel, America has soldiers that protect it as well.

We looked at books that have pictures of the American flag but the yeladim knew that the colors of the flag were red, white and blue. We wanted to make a special decoration for Memorial Day so we decided to make a windsock. Not really made out of socks, but with this decoration you will be able to hang it outside and when the wind blows the streamers on the cans will be moving along with the wind!

The yeladim had a choice of painting their cans blue or red. Then they decorated with different materials of red, white and blue. They really look fantastic and very patriotic!

It was so much fun to fingerpaint with our patriotic colors as well! The yeladim figured out that blue and red make purple or that white can  make a color lighter!

Last but not least, we went to the two round gardens by the side of the parking lot. We planted some Iris flowers. It is a beautiful  yellow flower. Some of the yeladim dug the holes and the others put the plants in. Now we are excited to watch those grow as well!

Time is moving fast and we are still practicing every morning! Have a great week and a good shabbos!