This week we focused on sensory, specifically our sense of ‘touch and feel’.

On Tuesday, we got a chance to paint with whipped cream! At first, we were confused as to what it was, but then one brave beginner tried it and assured everyone “it was yummy!” We discussed the feeling of the whipped cream on our fingers, and decided it was ‘fluffy’ and ‘tasted good’.

On Wednesday, we made our own squishy play mat that we got to take home!

By mixing hair gel and glitter, we created a toy so mushy and so fun to play with! Each Beginner personalized their own mat with stickers of their choice. They loved how it felt, and thought it smelled good too.


On Thursday, we enjoyed this beautiful day by playing outside. When we were outside, we saw a baby pool filled with soapy water. We looked inside and found that there were bubbles!

We had a jam-packed week! And we learned a lot about how different things feel.


Have a great Memorial Weekend. See you Wednesday!


Morah Deena & Morah Naama