Last Friday we planted our last plant at the side of the shule. Now all we have to do is to keep watering them! We will take a peek to see how they are growing!

We opened up a new activity at our tables in the Sunflower class. Large stencils were laid out and they were shapes of many things. Cats, cars, bears, and boats were just some of them. The yeladim took markers and started tracing inside all the different shapes. This is great for them to learn how to hold a pencil or marker. Easel paper was put on the easel as well to give the yeladim the opportunity to create lines that are vertical or horizontal. They loved this new activity and we will have this special activity all week!

Towards the end of the day we sat in a circle and listened to We are Going on a Bear Hunt. We repeated everything that the song said. We slapped our thighs with our hands and listened to the beat! We did the song three times and the yeladim want to continue singing this fun song!


We are getting our kitah ready for our special End of Year Celebration. The yeladim made different color handprints for a border on the wall. They picked two colors and kept pressing their hands different ways and angles! They look so cute!