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What a Wonderful Start at Camp Cochavim

Let the fun begin! Decorating a welcome sign

Circle Time!

A BIG thank you to the Goldenthal’s for a new toy – teeter totters!


Water Play

Watering our garden


How fast can you go?!

Chalk fun!


Storytime outside and getting to know our counselors

Just hanging out with our buddies!

1 hop, 2 hop, 3 hop, 4!



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What a wonderful year in the Sunflowers!

It is hard to believe that the year is over. The yeladim have grown tremendously and they have not stopped singing their songs in the kitah! It really was an amazing day on Wednesday and we are so proud of all our yeladim!

We showed the yeladim their art folder that they decorated. They really look great and inside the folder is some of the art work that they have made through out the year. They created such beautiful creations. Hope you enjoy looking at all the fun stuff the yeladim made.

We celebrated Emily’s birthday on the last day of school. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! The girl’s painted Emily’s frame red and the boys decorated her frame with all of her favorite items from the supply closet.

Thank you for letting us teach your children. WE  gained so much from them as teachers and we wish them continued growth. Have a wonderful summer and remember to keep in touch!


Morah Lilli and Morah Yafit


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We had such a great year in the Butterfly class!

It was so nice having so many mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, babysitters, and friends join us for our end of year party. We loved having the chance to do a painting activity with all of our visitors, and to share a Shabbat party with you too. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to celebrate with us.

It’s sad that the year is ending but so special to think about all the experiences we had together and the many ways the children have grown. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Have a wonderful summer!


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ABC’s on the table on the Sunflowers!

The yeladim LOVED the stencils last week so this week we put out ABC  stencils. It was so much fun identifying the different letters with their sounds!

We finished our special project for our “special person”. Now we have started  making a cute card full of “ sunshine”.  They started painting the rays of the sun using rotini pasta! THEY CANNOT WAIT TO BRING THIS SPECIAL PROJECT HOME NEXT WEEK!

Scooters were put out in the gym instead of cars this week. The yeladim  move as fast as they do on the cars. Yesterday we played with balls in the gym. Who wants to play soccer? We do!

Brenda came and  she and the yeladim were playing rhyming games as well as name games. They really enjoy the 15 minutes they have with her every week.

Lauren brought in a bird’s nest from her grandfather’s  house. We compared that birds nest to another one that we had in the kitah. But they looked very different. One birds nests’ base was made out of mud. It was very hard! The other bird’s nest was only branches. It was so interesting to see that two different birds make two different homes for themselves!

Cannot wait for graduation next Wednesday morning! Have a great shabbos!


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Sledding and spraying in the Butterfly class

We brought a sled outside and have been using our gross motor skills to give each other rides around the playground. It’s so much fun to take turns riding and pulling. We also enjoyed digging dirt and filling the sled up. Another big hit was spray bottles that we filled up with water and used to spray the trees, leaves, ground, and everything else except people!

We got a new light table and explored it in our dark classroom. The light shone through the colorful pieces.

Thank you to Zachary’s and Liat’s mothers for doing a special BabyBOP class for us! We had so much fun with you!

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Last Week in Little Beginners

We cannot believe how fast this year went! Though it was our last week, we still did a lot!

On Monday we experienced the attraction of magnets. We discovered that magnets connects to some things, but not to other things. We then went around the room trying to find something to stick our magnets to. We discovered that our chair legs are magnetic!


Magnets are really fun!!!

We were excited to take a tour of the shul upstairs. We had to be very quiet while we were walking through, because that is where people daven. The Little Beginners were fascinated to see where the Torah goes, and where Rabbi sits.

While outside, we had a big surprise! A GARBAGE TRUCK was passing by. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the garbage truck. It may have been the the highlight of the day.

On Wednesday we did all our favorite things one last time. We played with play-dough and trucks, davened, sang our favorite song ‘Head and Shoulders’, and played outside. We also had the chance to ride on these fun scooters!


Thank you for letting us have the opportunity to teach your children. It has been a pleasure to watch Ethan, Emily, Joshua, Jacob, Mazali and Shira thrive over the year. We hope they keep the things they learned with them forever.


Morah Deena & Morah Naama

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Time to taste in the Sunflowers class!

We went to check on our garden and we could not believe are eyes! The plants have grown so much that we were able to taste the “fruits of our labor”. The yeladim were able to taste butter lettuce, arugula and spinach. They tasted so fresh and delicious. Thank you so much to Negev’s mom for all her help with our garden!!

We received a very special present from Caleb’s grandmother. The yeladim LOVE  the light pads that were given to us! We made pretty designs with different color shapes. Their faces really “ lit up” when Morah Rachelle brought them into the kitah.

Preparations for our big graduation is well underway. Morah Jill came on Monday morning with her guitar and the yeladim really sounded amazing! The girls painted their very special glass candlesticks with pretty colors of glass paint.

Happy birthday Lia! We had a great time at her birthday party in class. We had vanilla cupcakes and played our bean bag birthday game.

Last but not least the yeladim’s started a very special project for someone very special in their lives. That is all we can say!

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Outside painting in the Butterfly class

We loved painting outside a few weeks ago and decided to do it again! We brought out a big sheet of paper, watercolors, paintbrushes, and cups of water and had so much fun. Some children even used their fingers to paint. With so many activities to do outside, we’ve been spending more and more time out in the beautiful weather instead of in the classroom.

We also enjoyed music with Morah Jill this week. Look at all these extra happy faces!

We did some stretching and yoga too.

And the children are still loving the Nature Room and all the play options there. The sand, cars, water table, kitchen area, and library give everyone the chance to do their favorite activities.

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We’ve grown so much in the Butterfly class!

It’s hard to believe we have less than two weeks left of school! The children are still enjoying their favorite activities and playing with their friends every day. This week we revisited our height chart and did new measurements for everyone. See how the green ribbons are all taller than the blue ones? It’s amazing how much everyone has grown since January!


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Short but Busy Week in Little Beginners

We hope everyone had a nice long weekend.

Though we only had one day this week, we accomplished a lot! On Wednesday we started on our Fathers Day presents, we won’t give away the full surprise, but the kids loved coloring the first part of it!!


After enjoying the outdoors, we went to our nature center, where we had the chance to play with the water table, and learn about different animals that live underwater. We even got to dig for ‘pearls!’ We also went to the automobile table, where we saw so many different types of trucks and cars!


Morah Deena & Morah Naama

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