We cannot believe how fast this year went! Though it was our last week, we still did a lot!

On Monday we experienced the attraction of magnets. We discovered that magnets connects to some things, but not to other things. We then went around the room trying to find something to stick our magnets to. We discovered that our chair legs are magnetic!


Magnets are really fun!!!

We were excited to take a tour of the shul upstairs. We had to be very quiet while we were walking through, because that is where people daven. The Little Beginners were fascinated to see where the Torah goes, and where Rabbi sits.

While outside, we had a big surprise! A GARBAGE TRUCK was passing by. Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the garbage truck. It may have been the the highlight of the day.

On Wednesday we did all our favorite things one last time. We played with play-dough and trucks, davened, sang our favorite song ‘Head and Shoulders’, and played outside. We also had the chance to ride on these fun scooters!


Thank you for letting us have the opportunity to teach your children. It has been a pleasure to watch Ethan, Emily, Joshua, Jacob, Mazali and Shira thrive over the year. We hope they keep the things they learned with them forever.


Morah Deena & Morah Naama