We went to check on our garden and we could not believe are eyes! The plants have grown so much that we were able to taste the “fruits of our labor”. The yeladim were able to taste butter lettuce, arugula and spinach. They tasted so fresh and delicious. Thank you so much to Negev’s mom for all her help with our garden!!

We received a very special present from Caleb’s grandmother. The yeladim LOVE  the light pads that were given to us! We made pretty designs with different color shapes. Their faces really “ lit up” when Morah Rachelle brought them into the kitah.

Preparations for our big graduation is well underway. Morah Jill came on Monday morning with her guitar and the yeladim really sounded amazing! The girls painted their very special glass candlesticks with pretty colors of glass paint.

Happy birthday Lia! We had a great time at her birthday party in class. We had vanilla cupcakes and played our bean bag birthday game.

Last but not least the yeladim’s started a very special project for someone very special in their lives. That is all we can say!