The yeladim LOVED the stencils last week so this week we put out ABC  stencils. It was so much fun identifying the different letters with their sounds!

We finished our special project for our “special person”. Now we have started  making a cute card full of “ sunshine”.  They started painting the rays of the sun using rotini pasta! THEY CANNOT WAIT TO BRING THIS SPECIAL PROJECT HOME NEXT WEEK!

Scooters were put out in the gym instead of cars this week. The yeladim  move as fast as they do on the cars. Yesterday we played with balls in the gym. Who wants to play soccer? We do!

Brenda came and  she and the yeladim were playing rhyming games as well as name games. They really enjoy the 15 minutes they have with her every week.

Lauren brought in a bird’s nest from her grandfather’s  house. We compared that birds nest to another one that we had in the kitah. But they looked very different. One birds nests’ base was made out of mud. It was very hard! The other bird’s nest was only branches. It was so interesting to see that two different birds make two different homes for themselves!

Cannot wait for graduation next Wednesday morning! Have a great shabbos!