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Quills and Ink at Camp Cochavim!

Yoga time!

Child’s pose

Downward dog!

Balancing on our tummy!


Our Simcha Stars also did some creative movement and yoga

Hula Hula!


Outdoor classroom fun. Woah, what are you making?


Painting a mural (on paper 😉 )

Reading our favorite book with our friends!


We made our favorite thing again…OOBLIK!


Welcome Boaz, one of our new volunteers!

Pass the ball around!

Thank you to all those that were involved in the birthday club, you helped us get this wonderful basketball net!


While we wait for our pizza, we played a game called “Guess what?!” We had to shake the container and guess what thing Morah put inside. Did you guess it right?

Pizza lunch!!!


After our Mezuzah walk, we learned about what’s inside the mezuzah. A “sofer” is a person who writes the Mezuzah scrolls. We practiced writing a Mezuzah like a real Sofer with a quill and ink.


Finger Painting


Baking our very own Challahs!

Is the yeast bubbling?

Check the egg for blood spots…is it kosher?

Now it’s time to mix!

Braid the Challah!


Beep Beep! Here we come!


Finger painting!


Shabbos Ima lighting candles!


Time to make Kiddush


Shabbos Abba making Hamotzi bracha


We made playdough in a BAG! Isn’t that funny?!


Painting with our feet!!!


Good Shabbos!

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It’s Pouring, It’s Raining But We Are Not Complaining!

T.T.T.O. It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring…

It’s pouring it’s raining,

But we are not complaining,

Rain is a bracha from Hashem

And we love geshem!


There are so many things to do when it’s raining outside! Take a look at what we did!

Rain craft

Taking a rain picture for our craft


Having fun in the playground


Look at the bubble wands we made out of pipe cleaners to blow bubbles!


We learned all about the mitzvah of Tzedakah and colored our own Tzedakah boxes


Making playdough in a bag!


We love the outdoor classroom!



After collecting some mud, we came inside to play with the toy cars in the mud. It was so much fun!!!

Of course we had to add some paint to the mud too!

High five anyone?


Painting a mitzvah tree!


Peek-a-boo! I see you!


Classroom fun and games


We went on a Mezuzah walk! How many Mezuzas did you find?


Scoot scoot scoot on the scooters!


Squish the shaving cream with your fingers


Simcha Stars painted bricks for the Beis Hamikdash. Every time we do a mitzvah, we’ll get to add a brick to the Beis HaMikdash wall


Free play fun


After making the toy cars all dirty in the mud and paint, we made a car wash with shaving cream and washed them all in it

We also washed our smocks!



He shoots, and he scores!

Slam dunk!


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Friends and Fun at Camp Cochavim!

She sells sea shells by the sea shore, and by Camp Cochavim!


Making Chocolate mud cups with worms…Yum!

Step 1, crush the crackers

Step 2, make the pudding

Step 3, EAT!


Colored salt art


Playing with the penny spinning tops we made! Look how fast mine can spin!


Kitchen center


Train Center


Friends forever!


We also made chocolate mud cups with worms… 🙂


Making our own slime to take home


Free collage art


Outdoor water play


Shabbos Party, Hooray!

Here’s our Birthday boy…Moshe!

Shabbos Ima lighting candles

Shabbos Abba making Kiddush

Happy Birthday!

Giving extra tzedakah on my birthday



Good Shabbos from Camp Cochavim!

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Discovering new things during Science week!

Sorting fun!


Painting and mixing colors…


Genius Gems field trip!

We built a whole wall made of magna-tiles!

Look what we made!!!

See those little robots? They followed the line that we made with the marker…

Building robots

We opened the mystery box and we found…..

We used different materials to make our own little robot friends!


Free art center


Dot dot marker fun!


Having a blast in the gym!


We made our own telescopes


Miss Melissa dances with us!

Galloping like horses


Painting penny spinning tops


We did a penny experiment to see if we can make the pennies shine.

We put the the pennies in vinegar


The sun is very very hot so we tried melting chocolate chips with the sun


We have to wait to see if they will melt…

While we wait, we play!



We also made OOBLIK (a.k.a. cornstarch and water)


We waited long enough, so it’s time to check on our chocolate chips…they melted!

We dipped bananas in the melted chocolate for a yummy snack



Mad Scientist show! I wonder what experiments we will do

We tried smelling the first ingredient, vinegar. Give a thumbs up if it smells yummy, or thumbs down if it’s not so yummy

Safety first: goggles, check! Glove, check!

Ahhhh! It’s starting to bubble!

Now we’re going to make some slime…


What does it feel like?

And now, for our final experiment…

How high do you think the coke will fly to?


Mixing colors


OOBLIK on the car?!

OOBLIK on your nose?!


We did a test to see which colors will run and mix together when we spray it with water? Will it be the crayons, or the markers?



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Rockin’ and Rollin’ at Camp Cochavim!

Morning Centers


Choo Choo! Here comes the train center…


Music with Miss Jill!

Ladybug song…

Shake Shake Shake!

Under the sea and up the river, look what we found! A fish!


Simcha Stars rockin’ it out!


Water play, here we come!


Digging, planting, watering…


Shabbat Party day is here!

Shabbos Mommy

Dance party!


See you all next week!!! Shabbat Shalom!

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Music Week Here We Come!

Stamping art


Decorating our picture frames for our camp picture


Making music shakers!


Music Circle! Let’s see you shake your shakers!


Scavenger Hunt! Can you find all the objects?


Bubble balloon dance party!




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4th of July Fun, Bubbles and Shabbat Party!

Red, white and blue glue and glitter


Thank you Mathias family for the bubble machine! We love it!


Juicing oranges to make popsicles


What did you find in the sand table?



Sports with Coach Matt

1, 2, 3, TEAMWORK!


Shabbat Shalom!

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Racing down the track at Camp Cochavim! It’s Transportation Week!

Coloring traffic lights for the track


Painting a camp cochavim bus


Scoot scoot!

Circle games!


Making a stop sign for our race track


Building a road in our outdoor classroom

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Let’s see your camp spirit!

Simcha Stars, let’s see your camp spirit!


Cool Kids, let’s see your spirit!


Amazing Astronauts, let’s see you cheer!


Miss Jenn took us on a trip to outer space!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blastoff! Another rocketship run!

Twinkle twinkle little star…


Making cupcakes for Shabbat Party!


Having a blast!


Shabbat Party!!! Making Kiddush…

Yummy challah…

Special Shabbos party treat!

We love Camp Cochavim!

Our wonderful counselors that we love so much!

From left to right: Eliana (Cool kids), Macky (Cool Kids), Leora (Cool Kids), Sherry (Cool Kids head counselor), Naama (Simcha Stars head counselor), Hannah (Amazing Astronauts head counselor), Lilly (Amazing Astronauts), Tali (Simcha Stars), Roey (Cool Kids).

Simcha Stars: Daniela, Elisheva, Emunah, Tzivi, David, Ethan

Cool Kids: Shalom Nissim, Noam, Chaya Feiga, Yair, Zachary, Yosef, J.J., Caleb, Nathan, Moshe, Liat

Amazing Astronauts: Ella, Uriel, Lieba, Noach, Ezra


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