Sorting fun!


Painting and mixing colors…


Genius Gems field trip!

We built a whole wall made of magna-tiles!

Look what we made!!!

See those little robots? They followed the line that we made with the marker…

Building robots

We opened the mystery box and we found…..

We used different materials to make our own little robot friends!


Free art center


Dot dot marker fun!


Having a blast in the gym!


We made our own telescopes


Miss Melissa dances with us!

Galloping like horses


Painting penny spinning tops


We did a penny experiment to see if we can make the pennies shine.

We put the the pennies in vinegar


The sun is very very hot so we tried melting chocolate chips with the sun


We have to wait to see if they will melt…

While we wait, we play!



We also made OOBLIK (a.k.a. cornstarch and water)


We waited long enough, so it’s time to check on our chocolate chips…they melted!

We dipped bananas in the melted chocolate for a yummy snack



Mad Scientist show! I wonder what experiments we will do

We tried smelling the first ingredient, vinegar. Give a thumbs up if it smells yummy, or thumbs down if it’s not so yummy

Safety first: goggles, check! Glove, check!

Ahhhh! It’s starting to bubble!

Now we’re going to make some slime…


What does it feel like?

And now, for our final experiment…

How high do you think the coke will fly to?


Mixing colors


OOBLIK on the car?!

OOBLIK on your nose?!


We did a test to see which colors will run and mix together when we spray it with water? Will it be the crayons, or the markers?