Yoga time!

Child’s pose

Downward dog!

Balancing on our tummy!


Our Simcha Stars also did some creative movement and yoga

Hula Hula!


Outdoor classroom fun. Woah, what are you making?


Painting a mural (on paper 😉 )

Reading our favorite book with our friends!


We made our favorite thing again…OOBLIK!


Welcome Boaz, one of our new volunteers!

Pass the ball around!

Thank you to all those that were involved in the birthday club, you helped us get this wonderful basketball net!


While we wait for our pizza, we played a game called “Guess what?!” We had to shake the container and guess what thing Morah put inside. Did you guess it right?

Pizza lunch!!!


After our Mezuzah walk, we learned about what’s inside the mezuzah. A “sofer” is a person who writes the Mezuzah scrolls. We practiced writing a Mezuzah like a real Sofer with a quill and ink.


Finger Painting


Baking our very own Challahs!

Is the yeast bubbling?

Check the egg for blood spots…is it kosher?

Now it’s time to mix!

Braid the Challah!


Beep Beep! Here we come!


Finger painting!


Shabbos Ima lighting candles!


Time to make Kiddush


Shabbos Abba making Hamotzi bracha


We made playdough in a BAG! Isn’t that funny?!


Painting with our feet!!!


Good Shabbos!