This week is all about Community Helpers. We read a new book about doctors, fire fighters, policemen and builders. We got to be like a policeman and first aid responders when we got a chance to go inside a real police car and ambulance! It was so much fun!


At the park!


Let’s meet Officer Kevin

He gave us special police stickers!

Sitting in the police car! How special!

Oh no! They’re in the jail seat!


During community helper week, we also learned about farmers. We learned that the farmers grow the fruits and vegetables that we eat. Morah Sherry brought in a GIANT zucchini that grew in her garden to show us. We even got to taste it!


In our garden at camp!

We found a radish in in the ground (in the “Adama”). Now we know that we can say the bracha “HaAdama” on vegetables that grow from the ground.

Thumbs up if you like the taste of the zucchini!



An ambulance came to camp! Don’t worry, no one had any “boo-boo’s” they just came for fun!

Look, see how the stretcher comes out? Then they can slide it back in the truck

The siren was so loud!


Circle Time!

Shema Yisrael…




We colored in the coloring books we got from the Ambulance!


















An Ambulance came to camp and we got to go inside!