Coach Matt is the best!



All the girls in the middle!


All the boys in the middle!


Washing the cars

I have a tichel!

Look at my hands!


Indoor Playground! The ball pit is a blast!

Try and find me in the tunnels!

Making train tracks…


Yummy, we love pizza!


Morning Centers are so much fun

We love doing puzzles and games!


At circle time Morah Sherry brought her new friends to the circle, do you see them?


Making Orange Juice for the O.J. stand after camp. First we rolled the oranges to get the juices all ready to be squeezed out.

Now let’s juice them!

Of course we got to taste some oranges too!

Welcome to the orange juice stand!

Would you like some juice Mommy?


looking into the magnifying glasses so we can see inside the sea shells


Painting rocks that we collected


The water table is so much fun to play with


Mixing colors experiemnt


We made our own sidewalk chalk paint!


Shabbat Shalom from your camp cochavim campers and their Morahs!